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For over fifty years the real estate agency Walter Rigato has been active in Jesolo with the aim of satisfying the multiple needs and requirements of its customers by offering comfortable, safe and comfortable solutions in order to ensure a pleasant and satisfying holiday.
The professionalism of our experienced staff active in the agency will be able to advise you on the best solutions for your needs; our offers range from comfortable residences to villas and bungalows that we offer at reasonable and competitive prices.

Affitti Jesolo

Jesolo is among the most famous coasts in Italy and beyond, its fame extends even beyond the Alps attracting thousands of foreign tourists every year.
This location offers in fact over 15 km of amber beach interrupted exclusively by the famous piers which in summer are excellent substitutes for lovers of the sun and the sea; not only that, the city offers countless events and attractions capable of satisfying the tastes of the little ones but also of children and adults. Its rich calendar of events includes cultural, sporting and gastronomic events not to mention the musical events and entertainment that the famous night clubs also offer internationally.

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